Land Development


Civil Works and Earthworks

Our firm undertakes civil works and earthworks on a broad scale. We possess proficiences in aspects of design,the construction of roads,buildings, water reticulation systems, subdivisions, road crossings, bridges sewer systems and a wide range of other services.Earthworks is another integral part of the equation when conducting any large construction undertaking.  We are skilled in all aspects of excavation and removal of large volumes of soil on land prior to construction; lot-gradation, clearing, grubbing, transporting and unloading excavated material from construction areas to designated stockpiles, leveling, grading, filling, compacting, cutting pathways for the construction of embankments, drainage courses, water systems and sewerage systems being some of the activities we undertake.

We carry out extensive infrastructural works ranging but not limited to the construction of drainage networks,bridges and crossings,road preparation and road construction, paving, underground electrification, overhead electrification, potable water systems, sewer systems, sewerage systems, waste and waste water management and water reticulation